A fast casual pizza chain from Irvine, California, called Zpizza has just achieved the restaurant business’ equivalent of inventing the wheel or perhaps a better analogy is that they have found the Holy Grail and it is filled with delicious craft beer that you can serve yourself.

No more waiting on the bitter bartender to eventually get to your long empty, no longer frosted mug. No waiting on the server to finish her ironic conversation about how she’s the only one who works around here while you attempt to finish your pizza or hot wings with no relief from a hoppy, malty libation.

Nope! You can get up and serve yourself

The best part is that you get charged by the fluid ounce so you can sample any or all of the 10 to 20 taps that Zpizza is installing in their taproom locations.

How it works: Your ID is scanned so that they know you’re old enough to purchase alcohol and a tab is started for you that charges you for however many ounces of the nectar of the Gods that you consume.

I see a bunch of upside and downside in this setup, but Praise Odin, someone has stepped up and opened Pandora’s beer keg.

I nominate Zpizza for restaurant of the year for the next 5 years

Check out the original article by NRN’s Lisa Jennings here: Fast Casual taps sales opportunity with self-service beer