In-N-Out Sues DoorDash for delivery without permission – by Lisa Jennings

In-N-Out has lawyered up again, but this one looks pretty legit. Independent delivery company DoorDash seems to have thought it would be a good idea to deliver In-N-Out’s famous burgers without discussing it with them. While DoorDash is obviously familiar with In-N-Out’s legendary food they must not have been aware of their litigious tendencies.

I have to side with In-N-Out on this one. These guys can’t just start delivering somebody’s food without at least having a conversation. In-N-Out cited food safety concerns related to time and temperature issues and licensing status of the folks handling their food. DoorDash was also using In-N-Out’s logo in their advertising and In-N-Out has a history of getting their feathers ruffled about such things.